Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"The Way You Look Tonight"

There we were

Laying down on my bed, her fingers running through my hair.

"I wonder what it would be like if we were together"

"Probably like this......."

Two years ago, I was ready to pack it in. I was ready to start up my new life and adventure out on my own. I was so jaded with romance that I figured I just needed to rebuild and regroup.

And then there she was. Handing me a sword, decorated just as she described she would but I always took as a joke. One side, full of glitter and the words "Sword of Justice" running down the blade. The other with blood and lighting bolts.

As my eyes connected with hers I knew that she was everything I was ever looking for. The kind of person I'd lay in bed and think, "if I just had a woman like that.." Afraid of this, even thinking I was undeserving of such a person I established all the walls I could. But as only she could, she found a way to deconstructed them all.

She was everything I could possibly of prayed for.........two years later, she still is.

Happy anniversary Sweetheart.

I love you.